Tips on How to Bag Train Your Dog

One of the best aspects of having a small dog is that you can take them almost anywhere and include them in your travel plans, as long as you train them to relax easily and calmly in the dog bag. To get started, it’s always best to do with a[…]

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Dog love

Hospital Lets Pets Visit Their Sick Humans To Make Them Feel Better

Juravinski health center in Ontario, Canada allows pets to visit their seriously ill human beings. The medical facility embraced a program called Zachary’s Paws for Recovery, released by Donna Jenkins. She was influenced by her 25-year-old nephew, Zachary, who benefited significantly from having his pets around him while he was[…]

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Dogs Questioning The Photographers Sanity

My name is Elke Vogelsang aka Wieselblitz, I’m a people and pet photographer working and living in Germany. I’m absolutely crazy about dogs. Thankfully, I am able to combine this craziness with my other passion, photography. With my dog portraits I try to explore the different expressions and characters of[…]

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Dog and yoga the perfect way to bond with your pet

Doing Yoga With Your Dog

If you have actually ever seen your dog stretching out its front or back legs then you know there is a connection between pets and yoga. Those stretches are mimicked in a lot of yoga practices, forming the foundation poses of upward and downward pet. Many animal-like positions are featured[…]

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Top 10 Cutest Puppy Commercials

All puppies are hands down adorable, we’ve selected the top 10 cutest puppy commercials that made TV commercials and advertising. Enjoy!   Super Bowl TV commercial with Tim Tebow and puppies   Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl commercial     Puppies predicted the winner of NCAA final four championship  […]

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Napa dog walk day

Dogs Got Their Day at Napa’s Walk for Animals

Each summer, a mass stroll through downtown Napa becomes a tribute to man’s best friend, writ large. So it was Sunday morning that nearly 350 local dogs — and 500 other marchers of the two-legged persuasion — took to the downtown streets for Napa Humane’s fourth annual Walk for Animals.[…]

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